How to install TerraTiler2D
Guidance on steps to take, and information on required versions.
TerraTiler2D is developed using Unity v2020.2.4f1, but has been tested and confirmed to work with Unity v2020.1.0f1 and up. The tool might work with earlier versions of Unity, but this is not guaranteed.
After purchasing TerraTiler2D from the Unity Asset store, you will be able to install the tool into a Unity project through the Package Manager.
Open the Unity project in which you wish to install TerraTiler2D.
In the Unity toolbar, select Window ➔ Package Manager. A small window should open up. In that small window, click on the Packages dropdown menu in the toolbar, and select My Assets.
The Package Manager window will now list all the assets you have purchased from the Unity Asset store. Scroll down until you find TerraTiler2D and select it. Information about the package will now be shown in the right part of the window.
In the bottom right corner you will find the Download and Import buttons. After downloading the asset, click the Import button to import it into your project.

If you can't find TerraTiler2D in your 'My Assets' list, check if the Package Manager window is displaying all of the results. This can be seen near the bottom left corner of the window.
Upon importing the package Unity may prompt you about installing/upgrading dependencies for TerraTiler2D. Agree to this prompt to ensure TerraTiler2D will work as intended.
A window should now open in Unity, listing all the content in the Unity package. By default, all of the content is selected. If you so desire, deselect any files you do not want to import (Warning: some files have dependencies on others. Excluding files that others depend on will produce errors).
Once you have made your selection, press the 'Import' button in the bottom right of the window. All of TerraTiler2D's assets have now been imported into your project.

NOTE: If you already have a previous version of TerraTiler2D installed, it is advised to completely remove that installation from you project before importing a new version.

That is it, you have now installed TerraTiler2D in your project!
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