Information on common terminology and functionality.
TerraTiler2D is a procedural 2D world generation tool for Unity.
The tool makes use of a node-graph system to make the process of defining your world as intuitive as possible.
Terminology Description
Node-graph A type of user interface which consists of draggable elements that can be connected together to create a comprehensible collection of data.
Graph A network of connected elements in a node-graph interface that are processed in a specific order. Graphs are saved as, and loaded from GraphData objects.
Node The main type of element in a graph. In TerraTiler2D, a node defines a function with input parameters and return values.
Some nodes have very intricate functions, while others only create a simple variable.
Port A node can contain several ports, indicated by the colored circles on the node. These ports define the input parameters and return values of the node. Each port has a color that indicates the type of variable of the port.
A port can either be an input port, or an output port. Ports on the left side of a node are input ports, which pass variables into the node. Ports on the right side of a node are output ports, which return a variable.
Edge An input port and an output port of the same type can be connected using an edge, by dragging and dropping from one port to the other. Connected output ports will pass their return value on to the input ports they are connected to.
Flow The word 'flow' is used to describe the main order in which nodes are processed. In TerraTiler2D the flow is indicated by Failed to load image ports.
Each TerraTiler2D graph contains a Start node with a flow port. This is the starting point of the graph, and will always be the first node to be processed. After processing a node with a flow port, the graph continues on to the next node along the flow.
Special ports Some ports have an icon around their colored circle. These icons indicate special behaviour.
- Failed to load image indicates the flow of the graph.
- Failed to load image indicates that the port requires a connection for the node to work.
- Failed to load image indicates that the port can be connected to more than one other port.
- Failed to load image indicates that the port is a type of array.
- Failed to load image indicates that the port is a type of mask.
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